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  • Video: The New Saucony Guide 7

    The All-New Guide 7

Engineered for the Long Run

The new Guide 7 represents the longest development initiative in Saucony's history. Almost three years in the making, we've sweat every detail, crafted every radius, measured every thread and refined every element to complement a runner for the long run.


Engineered Stability

Stable shouldn't mean stiff. We design our shoes with strategic stability zones that provide support while maintaining cushioning and flexibility.

  • Midfoot Support System

    Midfoot Support System

  • SRC Crashpad

    SRC Crashpad

  • Flexible Propulsion Platform

    Flexible Propulsion Platform

  • Video: Engineered Stability

    Video: Engineered Stability

Flexible Forefoot

Ensure the shoe moves with the runner with comfort and responsiveness.

Fluid Transition

Redesigned medial midfoot system creates a smoother stable ride.

SRC Crashpad

Fully decoupled design reduces impact and levering effect.

From the Lab

"The Guide 7 works for more runners than any other shoe in our line. It's built to offer light stability: perfect for mild overpronators, as well as neutral runners who want just a little extra support."


Geometry Matters

The 8mm heel-to-toe offset of the Guide 7 activates and engages a runner's ability to cushion, stabilize and spring forward.

  • Video: Geometry Matters

    Video: Geometry Matters

8mm Offset

Activates every runner's cushioning, stability and spring mechanisms for a more balanced and powerful stride.

From the Lab

"Our testing showed that 8mm was the ideal offset for the Guide 7, and most of the shoes in our line. It works with every runner's stride, no matter if they land on their heel, midfoot or forefoot."


Cushioning Gets Real

Running uses the whole foot, not just small areas where you land and take off. Our full length PowerGrid covers you, no matter how you run, and is designed to spring back quickly and efficiently.


    Underfoot Pressure Map

  • Video: Cushioning Gets Real

    Video: Cushioning Gets Real


15% lighter and 30% more durable than traditional EVA. It's responsive, coil-spring propulsion and cushion from heel to toe.

From the Lab

"PowerGrid offers a huge advantage over Gel-like cushioning technologies. Gel is heavy, so it can only be used in small areas. PowerGrid cushions the entire surface area of the foot, ensuring an optimal response throughout the stride."


Light is Right

Less weight = less work. New technologies allow Saucony to create lighter shoes without compromising cushioning, support and durability.

  • The Men's Guide 7 Weighs in at 10 oz.

    The men's Guide 7 weighs in at 10oz.

  • The women's Guide 7 weighs in at 8.6 oz.

    The women's Guide 7 weighs in at 8.6oz.

From the Lab

"Studies show a 100g increase in weight equals 1% metabolic cost to the runner. Over the course of a marathon that's a really big deal. The Guide 7 is lighter than any shoe in its class, so… you do the math."


Fit for the Run

Light, quick and fully in control. Guide 7 is designed to follow the foot - not vice-versa. Stability is built right into how the shoe fits the foot and moves.

  • Dynamic Fit

    Dynamic Fit

  • Engineered Flexibility

    Engineered Flexibility

  • Video: Fit for the Run

    Video: Fit for the Run

Fit for the Run

After an exhaustive, nation-wide fit test, 75% of tested runners preferred the Guide 7 over its leading competitors.

  • Video: Saucony Design Philosophy

    Saucony Philosophy

From the Lab

"The Guide 7 was born from our unique design philosophy: don't just make better shoes; make better runners."

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Midfoot Support System

SRC Crashpad

Flexible Propulsion Platform

The men's Guide 7 weighs in at 10oz.

The women's Guide 7 weighs in at 8.6oz.

Dynamic Fit

Engineered Flexibility

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