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I went running through Cambridge, MA., like I often do.  The one-way streets of crumbled pavement twist and turn into sidewalks of brick and concrete. Large, old homes – now multi-family apartments – are flocked by old trees providing shade. Wearing my mask and dodging people to keep my distance, I love the alert feeling when I run in this part of the city. I run in pretty much every shoe that I can get my hands on. Not only Saucony, but other brands as well. Over the years and miles, I’ve gotten to know the types of shoe I like. It’s always simple, a good fitting upper and soft at the landing with just the right amount of spring. I tend fluctuate from model-to-model depending on the run, but each season one shoe I keep coming back to is the Ride. On this run I’m explaining, that is what I’m wearing.

City running is very different than running on the country roads of South Carolina, where I grew up.  You must pay attention! Dancing around potholes, sidewalk planters, trash cans and pedestrians is an every-day occurrence. It’s important to be light on your feet and having a shoe that moves with you is key. The Ride 13 is just that shoe. To start, the fit is dialed in. Moving from the ISO fit system to a more secure FORMFIT, I feel locked and secure through the midfoot and heel. The FORMFIT works well with my higher-arched foot, as I get great contouring and support under the foot from the TOPSOLE and sock liner.

I wound my way through Harvard’s campus, currently sparse – except for the rabbits and squirrels – with most of the students away, eventually ending at the Charles River. The path runs for miles in each direction, both sides of the river and with sections that run over a mile without having to stop for a traffic light. This is where the fun starts! The Ride 13 is ready for whatever you throw at it. The PWRRUN midsole and PWRRUN + TOPSOLE gives me this nice, plush, all-around-comfortable feeling when I strike, but as I roll forward the shoe comes alive and gives back plenty of energy. This is that beautiful relationship of cushion and pop. The shoes I love always have a happy medium of both. The Ride 13 has it in spades.

Running home back through the city and retracing my steps, I’ve stopped thinking about the shoes.  I barely even hear them, probably due to the blown rubber forefoot, which is softer and grippier than the crystal rubber in Ride ISO2. They’ve passed the test. They’re not like every Ride before, they’re better in every way. The Ride 13 is one of those shoes on a rainy day that will make me want to run. Sitting next to the door amongst all the others; this is a shoe I’ll just keep going back to.

Enjoy the Ride.

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