The DXN Lodge Pack
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New Zealander Rod Dixon is one of the most prolific runners of all time. Praised for his amazing range, he is the first runner in history to clock both a sub-3:53 mile and a sub-2:09 marathon. Dixon won the 1983 New York City Marathon in epic fashion as a member of the Saucony Racing team, and capped it off by signing a deal to design a running shoe in his name — the Dixon Trainer. After months of obsessive testing and development at the Saucony factory in Kutztown, PA, Rod Dixon and the Saucony Engineering Team completed the Dixon Trainer. Over three decades later, its legend lives on.

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Rod Dixon’s home country of New Zealand, one dominated by wilderness and sheep, served as inspiration for the Saucony Design Team when choosing prints and materials for the lodge-themed update of the classic Dixon silhouette. Originally built for the harsh demands of long distance running, the Dixon was kitted out to be ready for a weekend at the Lodge. Two options, Camo and Wool, are available for Men and Women. Camo lets you blend in when you want, and attack when you’re ready, while Wool offers a clean (but not sheepish) grey aesthetic with all the insulation and wicking benefits required by its demanding original owners (don’t worry, they can grow it back). Long John linings were added to keep your tootsies warm, and a gum-like rubber outsole ensures that your grip won’t slip. Early wear testers said this shoe was “made to wander”. We just say that whatever you’re looking for, the DXN Lodge Pack will help you find it.



The DXN Lodge Pack will be available January 15th, exclusively at Follow Saucony Originals on Instagram or Saucony on Twitter to be notified as soon as it launches.

The DXN Lodge Pack is available in extended men’s sizing (size 5-13), otherwise known as Unisex sizing. Men should order their regular size and Women should size down by 1.5. For instance, if you are a women’s size 9, you should order a size 7.5.


For more on Saucony’s heritage, watch RUNNING STRONG SINCE 1898, narrated by Rod Dixon: