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Are you an experienced runner looking to replace your running shoes? Or have you gotten the running bug and know you need better shoes for running? Saucony makes running shoes for every level of runner, creating shoes that are supportive, comfortable, and durable. You’ll find shoes that fit and fit your special concerns – flat feet, overpronation, or if you need extra cushioning.

Saucony is still pioneering

For over 125 years, Saucony has been creating running shoes, and it continues to improve on its innovations. Never satisfied with the status quo, Saucony uses research, runners’ experiences, and dedication to develop new and better shoes.


This collection of foam cushioning products is used to give you a comfortable run, whether you’re training, racing, or walking.

SPEEDROLL technology

This innovation propels you forward by curving the front of the shoe upward. On some Saucony styles, the front and back of the shoe curve upward, creating a rocker effect, which gives you a smoother transition during your stride.

Saucony’s favorites

Triumph Running Shoes

m triump21

The best men’s cushioned running shoe. A neutral shoe, the Triumph is a light and cushioned performance shoe that’s probably more comfortable than any other shoe you’ve worn.

  • PWRRUN+ foam cushioning technology plus a PWRRUN+ sockliner give you 360 degrees of secure support and a luxurious, cushioned underfoot feel
  • Flat-knit upper with a redesigned lacing system adds comfort and security to your fit
  • A soft collar and a padded tongue add to the comfort of your miles
  • Also available in Wide sizes
Ride Running Shoes

m ride16

The best men’s running shoe for walking and all-purpose running. A neutral shoe, the Ride is designed to run day-in-day-out comfortably.

  • PWRRUN foam midsole gives you softer cushioning for a comfortable run every time
  • The upper has higher sidewalls, so your feet sit into the shoe
  • Also available in Wide sizes
Guide Running Shoes

m guide16

Best men’s stability running shoe. Recently redesigned with HOLLOW-TECH that guides your stride without added bulk. More flexibility in the forefoot allows your foot to move more smoothly. This is the running shoe you want if you overpronate or supinate. If you overpronate, your ankle rolls inward as you run/walk. This causes uneven wear on the inside part of the sole. If you notice your shoes showing uneven wear on the outside of the soles, you supinate (sometimes called underpronate) and roll your ankles outward.

  • PWRRUN cushioning and PWRRUN+ sockliner provide more comfort with less weight
  • Underfoot contouring so you sit deeper and allows the shoe to hug your foot for a super supportive run
  • Created with FORMFIT that gives you a customized fit and feel
  • Also available in Wide sizes
  • APMA certified*

The Endorphin Collection of Running Shoes

Endorphin Shift Running Shoes

m endorphiin shift3

The best running shoe for recovery training. The Shift gives you options – from training runs or recovery training. “Active recovery [recovery training] is often considered more beneficial than inactivity, resting completely, or sitting. It can keep blood flowing and help muscles recover and rebuild from intense physical activity.”**

  • A tall stack of PWRRUN foam cushioning and a PWRRUN+ sockliner give you a comfortable ride
  • SPEEDROLL technology and a torsional heel groove give you a smoother transition during your stride
  • With the deep FORMFIT design, the shoe hugs your foot for a customized feel
  • Also available in Wide sizes
  • APMA certified*
Endorphin Edge Running Shoes

m endorphin edge 7 23

The best men’s shoe for trail running. The Edge is the shoe you’ll want when you’re ready to go off-roading. The carbon-fiber plate is cut into a three-quarter design and allows for a more adaptable heel strike on uneven terrain without giving up stability.

  • Built with SPEEDROLL technology and PWRRUNPB foam cushioning for a light, fast feel
  • Carbitex™ MonoFlex carbon-fiber plate is specially built for trail running
  • Lightweight mesh upper actively pulls moisture away from your foot, so you’ll stay dry and cool
  • PWRTRAC outsole provides steady-on-your-feet traction
  • Gaiter compatible
Endorphin Speed Running Shoes

m endophin speed3

Best men’s running shoe for everyday training. Built with an S-curve, winged nylon plate that centers and supports your foot during daily training.

  • Equipped with super light PWRRUN PB foam cushioning that offers a speedy feel
  • SPEEDROLL technology pushes you forward smoothly
  • The FORMFIT design allows your foot to sit deep into the shoe, giving you a personalized fit
  • Also available in Wide sizes
Endorphin Pro Running Shoes

m endorphin pro3

Best men’s running shoe for fast-tempo training and racing. Whether you’re training fast for the big race, or lacing up for the big day, you’ll be ready in the Endorphin Pro running shoe.

  • A big stack of PWRRUN PB foam cushioning provides a comfortable run mile after mile
  • The SPEEDROLL technology propels you forward effortlessly
  • The S-curve carbon plate gives you just the right amount of spring and pop
  • FORMFIT styling laces you into a personalized comfort
  • Also available in a VIZIPRO version with reflective details that help provide visibility in low light
Endorphin Elite Running Shoes

m endorphin elite 723

Best men’s running shoe for racing. It’s race day, and you’re ready. You’ve done the training. Now, it’s time to lace up the Endorphin Elite racing shoe. Take your place at the starting line, then take off on your best run ever.

  • Built with aggressive front and back SPEEDROLL technology
  • The heel-to-toe carbon plate capitalizes on your quickness, and the slotted-toe design gives you more flex
  • PWRRUN HG foam cushioning, exclusive to the Elite, gives your stride more rebound
  • PWRRUN PB foam sock liner keeps you comfortable during the entire race

*The American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA Seal of Approval/Acceptance Program recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.
**Chertoff, Jane (medically reviewed by Gregory Minnis, DPT), “What You Need to Know About Active Recovery Exercise,” Healthline 2019, accessed June 15, 2023.

How do you pick the right shoe for you?

If you need help choosing a new pair of running shoes, check out the Saucony Shoe Finder, which recommends footwear based on your needs. Nothing feels better than new shoes!

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