Good Runners

Stories that celebrate the good things that come from those
who run.

Tedy Bruschi running on a track.

Tedy Bruschi

Former NFL champ and marathoner

Steph McGregor running by a breakwall.

Steph McGregor

Saucony ambassador

Katie Crowell stretching her leg on a brick wall.

Katie Crowell

Breast Cancer Warrior, marathoner and mom

Jared Ward running on a bridge with the city skyline in the background.

Jared Ward

Saucony athlete and a top American marathoner

Parker Stinson running in green Saucony shoes and neon yellow t-shirt down a long and winding road.

Parker Stinson

Saucony athlete and 25K American Record Holder

Katie Crowell stretching her leg on a brick wall.

Ashley Stinson

America's fastest teacher

Noah Droddy running wearing a blue Saucony shirt with the sun gazing behind him.

Noah Droddy

Saucony athlete and Musician

Daisy Robinton running in blue Saucony shoes up concrete stadium stairs with a football field in the background.

Daisy Robinton, PhD

Molecular Biologist and Fitness Model

Marcy Schwam with hands on her hips atop a mountain with the sun shining behind.

Marcy Schwam

Ultrarunning pioneer and 5-time world-record holder