Mens feet running thru the woods with blue Mad River TR shoes on.

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With an award winning legacy, the Peregrine Collection expands its line-up offering more options to tackle any terrain. Go again, run off the beaten path.

Max River Shoe in green/blue on a rock

Peregrine 10

A go-to favorite for
nearly any condition.

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Bottom of Mad River shoe showing traction

Peregrine 10 ST

Grippy protection made
for muddy, sloppy terrain.

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Closeup of Mad River shoe in green getting laced up

Peregrine 10

An off-road, waterproof
companion with grip
that won't slip.

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Hit the dirt in the
Peregrine Collection

Max River Shoe in green/blue on a rock Click to Play
4 colors of Max River shoes lined up next to each other

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