Good content from: Spencer White, VP of Innovation

Another new midsole foam from a running shoe company? Is this one really any different? Well, yes indeed. PWRRUN+ is a significant improvement and you’ll feel it on your first stride.

PWRRUN+ is springy, powerful, flexible and very durable. And its 28 percent lighter than its predecessor.

While the material science and engineering behind this advancement are very complicated, the result for the runner is very simple: It feels great.

Compared to the high-quality EVA foams that are traditionally used in running shoes, PWRRUN+ is noticeably bouncier, dramatically more durable, significantly more flexible, and much more consistent across a range of temperatures. When you run with PWRRUN+ you’ll feel an exceptionally smooth landing, and a lively propulsion.

And, unlike EVA foams, this feeling doesn’t disappear. Yup, no matter how long your run is, no matter how many miles you’ve run, or how hot or cold the day is.

So, while PWRRUN+ will feel great as you step out the door, it will also help protect you from the impacts of running when you need it most: at the end of your workout when your body is fatigued and needs the most help.

We’ve been working on PWRRUN+ for the last 5 years, and are very proud to introduce it to the running world in the all-new Triumph 17 (here today!), Hurricane 22 and Freedom 3 (coming soon!)

Is this the last time you’ll hear about big advances in foams from Saucony? Definitely not. We’re back in our labs and out on the run, bouncing ideas around and feeding off all the good energy being created by Saucony runners around the world.

In the meantime, grab a pair now.