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Wolverine Employee Discount Policy

Overview. Wolverine Worldwide provides a discount privilege to employees and retirees which enables Wolverine employees and retirees to purchase Wolverine branded products at substantial savings.

Purpose. The purpose of the Employee Discount Policy is to establish standards for the use of the employee discount.

Scope. The Employee Discount Policy (the “Policy”) applies to Wolverine employees and retirees, as well as their immediate family members. Immediate Family Members are defined as spouses or domestic partners or any children or other dependents of the employee or retiree.


  • Wolverine employees and retirees are eligible to receive a 50% discount off full-price merchandise, and a 30% discount off clearance/markdown/sale merchandise.
  • This privilege cannot be combined with other offers, such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) or coupons.
  • Wolverine employees and retirees may use the discount privilege to make gift purchases.
  • The employee discount is valid only at Wolverine-owned (non-franchise) stores and may be used for online purchases by entering WWWEMPLOYEE as the promotional code, and then entering the employee ID number.
  • The employee discount code may not be shared with other individuals, including non- immediate family members, friends, or Wolverine vendors or customers.
  • The employee privilege may not be used to purchase Wolverine products for resale at the discounted price or at a profit.
  • Under no circumstance should an employee or retiree feel in any way pressured to purchase Wolverine merchandise.
    • If an employee does feel pressured or required to purchase Wolverine merchandise, the employee must report the situation by phone or email to Human Resources and include the following information, (i) employee name and work location, (ii) the date(s) employee believes the employee was pressured or required to purchase; and (iii) any details surrounding the manner and method (i.e. – by whom, how, and the names of any witnesses).
    • Employee will not be subject to retaliation for filing a report.

Disciplinary Actions for Violation of Policy. Violation of this Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment for active employees or suspension of the employee discount benefit for retirees.