Full EVERUN Cushioning
EVERUN Topsole

EVERUN gives runners a cushioning which is more flexible, and more durable, for a livelier feeling from first step to last. You'll find an EVERUN-equipped shoe for any purpose, whether you're running fast, running easy, or just running your world.

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Starts amazing. Stays amazing.

EVERUN is created by stream-fusing thousands of bouncy TPU beads, but what really sets it apart is our process: we dynamically change the polymer, the moulding — even the shoe assembly — to create unique products for all types of runners.

Starts Amazing, Stays Amazing

Most cushioning noticeably changes over time, EVERUN doesn’t. It’s 3X more durable and 3X less temperature-sensitive than EVA, for a consistent response from the start of your run through the life of your shoe.

More Pep in Every Step

With 83% energy return and a position closer to your foot, EVERUN gives you a livelier sensation in every step.

Flexy and You Know It

Twice as flexible as standard cushioning, EVERUN moves with your foot for a remarkably smooth landing, stable transition, and powerful takeoff.

Feel More Feeling

Our performance line has an additional EVERUN layer directly under the sockliner, for a difference you can instantly feel. This Topsole Construction distributes pressure more evenly, giving you unparalleled comfort and improved responsiveness.

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Starts Amazing, Stays Amazing More Pep in Every Step Flexy and You Know It Feel More Feeling Watch Video
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We currently offer EVERUN in two different constructions. In our most highly cushioned models, a full midsole of EVERUN sits between your foot and the ground, for the ultimate in soft landings and springy takeoffs. If you’re looking for a slightly firmer ride, but still want the responsiveness of EVERUN, we’ve added a 3mm Topsole layer to some of our most popular models.

Full EVERUN Cushioning Full EVERUN Cushioning Full EVERUN Cushioning

Full EVERUN Cushioning

EVERUN Topsole EVERUN Topsole EVERUN Topsole

EVERUN Topsole