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Kinvara 9

Your best is still out there. Chase it down in the lightweight Kinvara 9, featuring EVERUN™ cushioning.

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Simple is Best

Upper construction of Saucony's Kinvara 9

Flexible Upper

Flexfilm is melded to the upper, which allows for fewer layers in the shoe, with a woven heel providing structure and support. The result is a seamless, flexible, glove-like fit.

Topsole construction of Saucony's Kinvara 9

Springy Everun Topsole

A breakthrough in cushioning, created by steam-fusing thousands of bouncy foam beads, for a livelier and more flexible ride.

Midsole construction of Saucony's Kinvara 9

Cushion to go the Distance

Kinvara 9 continues the legendary Kinvara experience, with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset for a more natural stance.

Outsole construction of Saucony's Kinvara 9

Lightweight Traction

Frugal use of rubber pods in high-wear zones, providing durability without a single ounce of unnecessary weight.

Best Your Best Best Your Best


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Available in four unique colourways.

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Men's Kinvara 004fb0

Men’s Kinvara 9 in White Blue Black

Men's Kinvara 9

Men’s Kinvara 9 in Black Denim Copper

Women's Kinvara 9

Women’s Kinvara 9 in Light Blue Denim

Women's Kinvara 9

Women’s Kinvara 9 in Vizi Red

  • White Blue Black
  • Black Denim Copper
  • Light Blue Denim
  • Vizi Red

Rich Design Heritage

The original Kinvara disrupted the running world with its novel approach to minimal, lightweight design without a sacrifice in cushioning. Fast forward 9 years, and the Kinvara continues to push the boundaries of amazing experience through simple, thoughtful construction.

Athlete Inspired

The Kinvara is consistently a favorite among the Saucony Racing Team. It's light and fast, handling high speed workouts and race days, but with enough cushioning and protection to go the distance in training. For many of our athletes, it's just the perfect running shoe, day in and day out.

Athlete inspired