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Running is one of the best ways to clear your mind and activate all the senses, like a warm bath for the brain. It’s in honour of our sport’s meditative effects that we bring you the White Noise Collection.

Isabel Gerhaeuser

Product line manager Saucony EMEA

Isabel talks about how the collection has been inspired by the mind-clearing effects of a good run.

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"Our White Noise collection celebrates the way exercise, and running specifically, can help break through the stresses and strains of modern life to help regain balance. We celebrate the meditative effects of running in this collection with a distinctive speckled pattern on the upper of every shoe to physically represent white noise, and the coloured midsoles reference the clarity of thought that running brings. As a company of runners we all recognise the power of a run to reset the mind and this line is inspired by that process."

Ben Martynoga


Ben explains the science behind how running can have a positive effect on our state of mind and help tune out distractions of every day life.

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Ben Martynoga is a British neuroscientist. For most of the last two decades, Ben has been in labs around the world, studying the brain trying to understand how it works and in particular how it grows and takes shape. Ben has partnered with Saucony to help shine a light on the fascinating connection between running and the brain, and how the sport can have a positive impact on our state of mind.


Today’s world is full of distraction, clutter and chaos that
clouds our focus and robs us of tangible connections.
Our top selling trainers with a splatter melange upper
representing noise, and brightly coloured midsoles
representing clarity.