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How do I know if I need stability running shoes?

There are a few ways to tell whether you need a neutral or stability shoe. First, you can visit your local running store and ask to have a gait analysis test, which is where you run on the treadmill while an expert examines your form. You can also ask a friend to film you running facing forward on a treadmill.

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Signs that you need a stability shoe:

Card One

Your ankle rolls inward while you run


Card Two

Your knees rotate excessively inward or rub while you run


Card Three

The treads are more worn-down on the inside (or medial) edge than the outside (lateral) edge of the bottom of your shoes


Need help picking a stability shoe?

Here are some of our favourites.

Liberty ISO 2 Lifestyle

Liberty ISO2

EVERUNTM Topsole construction for enhanced energy return and cushioning

ISOFIT creates a dynamic fit system

ISOFIBER reinforcements to ensure a secure fit

TRI-FLEX crystal rubber outsole to increase force dispersion

Medial TPU guidance frame guides each foot through its natural gait cycle

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