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Need help picking a stability shoe?

Here are some of our favourites.

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PWRRUN cushioning provides just-right softness

Medial TPU guidance frame guides each foot through its natural gait cycle

FORMFIT surrounds the foot with a made-for-me feel

Signs that you need a stability shoe:


Your ankle rolls inward while you run


Your knees rotate excessively inward or rub while you run


The treads are more worn-down on the inside (or medial) edge than the outside (lateral) edge of the bottom of your shoes.

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If you are an overpronator (i.e. your ankle and/or your knees rotate inward while you run), you'd likely benefit from stability shoes, which are designed with a medial post on the inner edge of the shoe to help secure your foot.

If left uncorrected, overpronation can lead to overuse injuries in the shins, Achilles, and knees.

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