1898 is where it all began. Since then, Saucony has become one of the world's leading running brands. Built on a legacy of performance, Saucony continues to offer best-in-class running shoes, running apparel, and timeless retro footwear that has helped shape who we are today.

We exist to inspire and serve all humans to live their best lives by providing access to running, celebrating self-expression and creating a better world.


We serve our consumers across sport, style, and the culture of running. Saucony Performance helps us set the pace. Saucony Originals help us blaze the trail. United, they become one Saucony.


Run For Good is our platform for expanding access within the running community.


Saucony was founded in 1898. With over a century of running in our blood, we’ve evolved from a local factory to a global brand in the suburbs of Boston, inspiring good runs worldwide. We know Saucony isn't the easiest word to say, but there’s a story behind it. Our logo is inspired by the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA, where our brand began and the water flowed around three distinct boulders. Today, they stand for the guiding boulders of our brand: good performance, good health, and good community.