4 Saucony Astrotrail shoes.

Explore the epicenter of self-discovery by uniting the great outdoors and the wonders of astrology. Introducing the Astrotrail collection.

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Gemini / Libra / Aguarius

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Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn

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Aries / Leo / Sagitarius

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Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

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AIR. Fresh air makes for a fresh mind. EARTH. Step outside and, connect inside. FIRE. Light up the fire inside of you. WATER. Feel the flow go through you.
4 people standing on the beach, wearing Saucony Astrotrail shoes.
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Air, earth, fire and water

Spinning astrology wheel.
Saucony Astrotrail Gallery.
AIR. Shadow 5000 tooltips. EARTH. Peregrine 11 tooltips. FIRE. Grid Azura 2000 tooltips. WATER. Mad River 2 tooltips.

Find your element