For Good, Run

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  1. Alone time. Let’s face it, awkward moments around the dinner table are inevitable. A turkey trot is a no brainer excuse to get out of the house and clear your mind before the craziness begins.
  1. Repeat after me, more dessert, more dessert, more dessert 📣 Because who doesn’t love an extra slice of pie … or three.
  1. Get outside. Whether your basking in the sun or bundling up, fresh air is a great way to start your day.  It’s even been shown to help you digest food more effectively and on a day like Thanksgiving, well, anything to help the cause.
  1. Community building. A turkey trot is a great way to be seen. Bring your family, see your neighbors, meet new people and let the kids run wild. Literally.
  1. Burn more calories. Nuff said.
  1. Wear your Saucony Turkey Trot sneaks. Have you seen these beauties? Whether you’re running or spectating you’ll be a stand out for sure.
  1. Kickstart your running routine for the holiday season. Thanksgiving is just the beginning. Use this as an opportunity to kick it into high gear.
  1.  Run in costume and come on, who doesn’t love a wig?!


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