Like all runners, those with flat feet want shoes that are comfortable and supportive. While all Saucony’s running shoes are engineered for comfort and support, there are styles that are the best running shoes for flat feet. Saucony has a wide selection of running shoes for men and women.

The down-low on flat feet

Most people who have flat feet know it, especially runners. If you have any doubts, try this little experiment. Step in water, then step onto a blank piece of paper. If your whole sole leaves a wet print, you have flat feet. Studies and polls have been taken, and over a quarter of people who run have flat feet. Having flat feet isn’t rare or as unusual as once thought.

The most common problem that flat feet runners have is overpronation. This occurs when the ankle rolls inward. This can cause stress on the knees and hips, in addition to the ankles. This isn’t a universal problem though; not all runners with flat feet overpronate. While some runners with flat feet will benefit from good arch support or even custom orthotics, this is not a one-size-fits-all-feet conclusion. Sometimes it depends on whether you have anatomically flat feet (you were born that way) or you have collapsed arches due to muscle weakness. Generally, arch supports are more effective for those whose arches have weakened than for those born with flat feet.

Best men’s and women’s running shoes for flat feet

As with all running shoes, comfort is the most important factor you look for in running shoes for flat feet. Support, cushioning, and spring are essential, too, but if shoes aren’t comfortable from day one, they probably won’t be later. Saucony has reviewed its collection of running shoes and found its best running shoes for flat feet.


M Triumph 21   W Triumph 21

Created for you to get the most out of your miles, the Triumph is a neutral shoe that delivers a lot of high-tech performance in a comfortable ride. “If you have a flat foot or lower arch, the Saucony Triumph 21 will work well as your daily trainer or long-run shoe if you’re looking for some extra protection underfoot,” encourages Fleet Feet.

  • Packed with PWRRUN+ cushioning and equipped with a PWRRUN+ sockliner to give you a luxurious feel underfoot
  • The flat-knit upper, padded tongue, and a redesigned lacing system combine for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes in Medium and Wide widths


m guide16   w guide16

Raves Runner’s World, “It [Saucony Guide] also still maintains the custom-feeling fit that originally won it a fanbase among lots of different types of runners, including the flat- and wider-footed. Balanced with cushioning where you need it, the Guide is equal parts support and comfort.” A structured cushioning shoe, the Guide provides the perfect balance of cushioning for maximum support and comfort.

  • Equipped with a PWRRUN foam midsole for a super soft stack of cushioning
  • Cradles and contours your foot for extraordinary comfort and a supportive fit
  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes in Medium and Wide widths


m Tempus 7 24 23   w tempus 7 24 23

A structured cushioning shoe, the Tempus has a supportive frame and deep contouring for a secure fit combined with PWRRRUN foam bounce for super energy return. Forbes magazine reviewed shoes for flat feet and chose the Tempus as the best speed running shoe for flat feet, stating, “If you’re looking to push the pace while keeping your flat feet supported, this shoe is definitely down to get you moving.”

  • Saucony’s FORMFIT design attends to every point of contact with your foot to ensure a customized fit and feel from top to bottom
  • Signature midsole geometry gives you a supportive base and a super smooth ride from heel to toe
  • APMA certified*
  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes in Medium and Wide widths

Find your perfect Saucony pair

Remember, every runner has individual needs and preferences, and you might need to try out a few different shoes before you find the ones that have the right amount of cushioning, support, and most importantly, comfort. Shop Saucony’s best running shoes for flat feet in men’s and women’s sizes to find the best kind of ride for you.

*The American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA Seal of Approval/Acceptance Program recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment.

Want some advice?

The Saucony Shoe Finder is an online tool that will help you narrow down your options. You can also pop into your local running shoe store to have an expert fit you with shoes.

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