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We’re excited to offer a portion of the Saucony Elite Kit to runners looking to achieve their very best performance.

The kit pieces are built with a specific goal in mind – go fast, feel fast, look fast. In our experience with our Ambassadors and Elite athletes, many have likened putting on their uniform as a sign that they are race-ready, and they don’t get into that mindset until they do.
To achieve our goal, we use lightweight materials  – even lighter than you find in our global range – with the highest levels of performance in lab testing as well as on body. We use advanced garment construction like seam bonding (stitchless construction), and we are always looking for ways to reduce chafe points, reduce drag, and reduce distraction. Other than the feeling one gets putting on their kit, we want you to feel nothing at all, so you can focus on your race.

We fit the kit on our elite athletes, so there are sizing notes on each product page as to how these styles compare to some of the products in our global range. Their input is important and ensures that every seam falls in the right place, the materials perform at the highest levels, and that the fit is just right.

At Saucony, a good day is when we run. A better day is when we inspire someone else to run. And we hope suiting up in the Saucony Elite Kit will inspire some great achievements.

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