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Almost a decade ago I read a book titled “Call me TED,” which chronicles the impressive life of Ted Turner. I found the book easy to read as the subject matter was fascinating and I gleaned many a useful lesson from those pages. I do not recall the exact words but essentially Ted makes the point that time is our greatest and most valuable resource.

If priorities were a crown then I would say my crown is adorned with many jewels.  I’m all good with the weight of my interests and collectively they keep my mental and physical body active while satisfying my deep desire to live a purposeful and engaged life. However even as I write this I recognize the truth of these statements and yet in practice and in honesty I would have to admit that I almost rarely hit the mark and complete my daily goals. Maybe that’s just how it is and for sure I am not alone here.

I have long lived within this struggle of always needing more time or perhaps it’s that I want more time and this becomes a need? Either way there simply never seems to be enough time in the day. As an optimist by nature and nurture it is not in my cards nor my best interest to wake up with this deficit of reality as my morning ritual nor my report to self during my evening wind down. So naturally I’ve decided to reframe my narrative by adding a couple extra things to my daily to-do list!

Through my own tried and tested not so scientific research I’ve come to truly believe in the following. A run a day keeps the demons at bay. The distance is a variable point while it is the movement that is essential. The movement brings circulation to my body which then tells my brain that good work is underfoot. It’s quite beautiful to witness really and the proof is in the pudding. I’ve never once regretted a run.

So what is this exactly? A call to action, a love letter to myself or maybe this is a manifesto of sorts that I share with all of you as a form of communal accountability? Let’s just say it is all of these things. The simple truth of how one guy with a strong desire to do good in this world with not nearly enough time is finding the freedom to enjoy the ride and do my thing by lacing up my shoes and making every minute count.

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