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Gatherer. Outdoorsman. Chef.

Eduardo Garcia doesn’t just taste food. He listens to it. Speaks it. He has this crazy passion about finding food in its truest form and not messing with it too much. To him, a great meal starts with foraging in the woods or fly fishing in the middle of the rain. It’s about really connecting with nature. The way it should be.

In 2011, Eduardo was bow-hunting elk when he found a motionless cub. After nudging it with his knife, an electric jolt was sent through him from a hidden 2400-volt power line, exiting his body in nine places. Alone and miles from help, when he finally arrived at the ICU doctors said he was a dead man with a heartbeat. (Yeah, some serious stuff.) He lost his left hand and forearm from the accident, but if anything, it’s taught him to milk the most out of life. Every. Damn. Day.

He shared his survival story in the feature length documentary film Charged, a tale built on the grounds of love and forgiveness, inspiring people to find their best selves so they can live life fully charged.


Notes From The Takeover

Here’s the Charred Pickled Red Onion Recipe that Eduardo made live on his takeover day.
Want to learn even more about Eduardo? Visit his personal site to learn more about his story and what he’s been up to.


The incredible organizations he supports and why.

“…I didn’t own ‘running gear,’ definitely nothing with spandex in it. I’ve always been more of a hiker. That all changed last year at the Challenged Athletes Foundations annual Celebration of Heroes, Heart and Hope Gala…” – Eduardo Garcia

Check out more recipes from Eduardo’s Montana Mex line – sauces, spices, and oils with authentic flavors to keep you creative in the kitchen. If you like sweet and spicy, you have to try his Habanero Sauce!

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