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When I started working at Saucony in 2019, I was excited to join a team focused on making great running product to help runners get better and enjoy the run. The idea of working on updates to big brand-defining franchise models, like the Triumph, Kinvara and Ride, was exciting, but the opportunity to work on building brand new ideas was even more enticing. The Endorphin Shift was a shoe the team had briefed to offer a new experience for the everyday runner. It represented a new space for Saucony.  Max cushioning with a touch of structure wasn’t something new but adding in a faster transition and forward roll was. Could you create a taste of go-fast speed, but in an everyday package? The team was focused on a new experience and feel for the runner that would deliver an effortless run with a faster feel. I have to admit this had me intrigued both professionally and personally as a lifelong runner.

When early pairs of the Shift arrived — and I was able to get my hands on a pair — it called for an immediate drop whatever you are doing and get outside for a lunchtime run. As I was lacing them up, I was reminding myself that I prefer a higher midsole drop due largely to habit and a nagging achilles injury. I was admittedly a bit skeptical that I would be able to run in a shoe with a 4mm drop. I also wondered if the thicker, less flexible midsole profile would make for a slower feel compared to my go-to Saucony Endorphin Speed.

Right out of the gate the Shift had a totally different feel than anything else I had run in. The midsole was comfy underfoot and did not feel unstable despite the high stack height. The upper was irritation-free. And best of all the lower drop caused no flare ups in my achilles. I noticed right away that the Shift got me to midfoot quicker than usual and promoted a smooth, fast rolling stride. All in all, it was a super comfortable ride that made my run feel easier despite a slightly faster pace. This faster, smoother transition is why we gave it the name Shift. It shifted what a Saucony everyday running shoe could feel like. The Shift has become a shoe I use for everyday runs and long runs alongside the Endorphin Speed which I save for faster days.

Team Saucony is super excited to bring this new feel to runners everywhere and find out what you think about it.

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