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“So, what type of running shoes are you looking for?”

The answer seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know how to choose.

At Saucony, we want to know why and how you run before we determine which of running shoe — Neutral, Stability, Trail or Racing — is best for you. Then, you can start filtering your choices based on features, style, ratings and price until you find your perfect pair.

Below is a description of each of the four types of running shoes we sell, matchmaker style.


You: A runner with evenly distributed impact stress through the entire cycle of the stride. Your ankle, knee and hip are aligned and you neither over-pronate nor under-pronate. Like Goldilocks, you are just right.

Your Ideal Shoe: A responsive, natural motion shoe that goes with the flow, just like you.

Best Neutral Running Shoes For You:


You: A runner who may have had trouble finding balance and support in the past. As an over-pronator, you want a shoe that can bring some equilibrium to your life.

Your Ideal Shoe: A supportive, understanding shoe that lends a little guidance without being too controlling.

Best Stability Running Shoes For You:


You: Someone who enjoys long walks runs on the beach or the grass or the mud. A runner whose routes are off the beaten path.

Your Ideal Shoe: Tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. A shoe that has a firm grip on any challenge and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.

Best Trail Running Shoes For You:


You: A runner with a need for speed. You have two settings: Fast and Faster. You aren’t looking to sit around and grow old together.

Your Ideal Shoe: 5K, 10K or marathon, this shoe is up for anything. Designed to keep up with you and built to last.

Best Racing Shoes For You:

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