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Good Content from: Tom O’Keefe, Stride for Stride Founder

The Falmouth Road Race was the first race I ever ran and it changed my life. Not only did it help me become healthier, but it also reminded me that I can accomplish anything – a feeling that shouldn’t be limited to only those who can afford to run.

After registering for a few races, I quickly discovered that races are expensive – really expensive – and it is an expense that many cannot afford. It was this simple discovery that eventually became the core of Stride for Stride.

In November 2018, I founded Stride for Stride to give everyone an equal opportunity to run. Our mission is simple: we buy race bibs for those who cannot do so on their own. It is our belief that money shouldn’t prevent you from getting to the starting line, especially when crossing the finish line could change your life.


Like any idea, you put it out there in hopes that it connects with people but you’re never 100 percent certain that it will. This was our story for the first two months, until we met Ned. Once homeless, Ned is now more grounded than ever, running nine races with Stride for Stride in 2019 – two of which were sub-3:30 marathons.

In our first year, Stride for Stride sponsored 29 runners for a total of 125 races and 1,092 miles. Fourteen of our 16 active runners are immigrants from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Brazil and Cuba – great runners who just want the opportunity to compete with everyone else.

In 2020, we’re looking forward to many more miles: one Boston Qualifier and a growing Team Stride for Stride thanks to our new relationship with Saucony.

Run For Good celebrates the good things that come from running. It’s a motto that Saucony runs by and one that Stride for Stride will help low-income runners experience.

Learn more about the goodness that Stride for Stride does.

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