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There’s been a lot of discussion lately about rotating two or more pairs of running shoes depending on how you use them. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. For example, some people find that on days after a hard run in a pair of high performance shoes, they can run easier in a different pair of shoes with a little more stability. Beyond that, there’s evidence to suggest that rotating your running shoes decreases your risk of injury by varying impact from run to run and building different sets of muscles depending on the composition of the shoe. Not to mention that both pairs of shoes will last longer.

If you’re considering a rotation plan, but don’t know which pairs to pair up, here are a few suggestions:

Ride ISO 2 and Freedom ISO 2
For longer, structured runs, the Ride gives you the support and comfort that you need mile after mile. But, when you crank it up for a speed run the Freedom is a smooth and flexible alternative.

Triumph 17 and Hurricane ISO 5
If you’re going for distance, the Triumph is engineered to keep to you comfortable over the long haul. If you’re looking for a little more stability, the Hurricane reduces excess motion and rolling.

Freedom ISO 2 and Switchback ISO
The Freedom is optimized for the road while the Switchback is best when it’s on the trail. Runners who love both terrains will enjoy both of these shoes.

Kinvara 11 and Triumph 17
The Kinvara makes those day-to-day workouts fly by. Switch it up and move over to the Triumph if you’re marathon training or going on linger tempo runs.

Ride ISO 2 and Guide 13
An idea balance of cushioning and fit makes the Ride your high-mileage hero. Meanwhile, the Guide helps you feel stable and confident throughout your run.

Got two or three pairs that you like to rotate? Let us know.

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