Endorphin V3 Comparison Chart

Saucony Pro 3

Pro 3

Saucony Speed 3

Speed 3

Saucony Shift 3

Shift 3

Saucony Edge


Support Level Non-corrective Non-corrective Slight Support Non-corrective
best if used for Races and fast workouts Speed workouts and fast running Everyday training and walking Trail running and racing
Cushioning Light and fast Light and fast Maximum cushioning Rugged and fast
Plate Carbon-fiber plate Winged nylon plate Non-plated Carbitex™ MonoFlex
carbon-fiber plate
Offset 8mm (39.5mm/31.5mm) 8mm (36mm/28mm) 4mm (39mm/35mm) 6mm (35mm/29mm)
Weight Women 6.2oz (176g)
Men 7.2oz (204g)
Women 7.2oz (204g)
Men 8.1oz (229g)
Women 8.1oz (229g)
Men 9.4oz (266g)
Women 7.8oz (221g)
Men 9.0oz (255g)