About Product Testing

At Saucony we are constantly thinking about how runners run. You are our inspiration and the reason we do what we do. You – the runner – are out there every day putting our work to the test, so we care what you have to say. This is your chance to be on the forefront of innovation by helping us develop our newest product.

Let's run for good, together.

Boston Area Testers

We need your input. By studying your biomechanics on the treadmill in our Human Performance and Innovation Lab or meeting you on the banks of the Charles River, we want to know how you feel and move in our shoes.

National Testers

We will send you our latest products fresh off the design table and you do what we all love to do – run with them! Afterwards, we use your comments to make our products even better.

Apply to Be a Saucony Tester
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Apply to be a Saucony Product Tester. A man runs on a treadmill in the Saucony Testing Lab.


What would you consider 'Nationwide'?

We are always looking for runners who live in the lower 48 states of the US to wear test our shoes and apparel. Due to timelines and import/export duties we are currently unable to ship testing gear outside the US.

What would you consider the 'Boston Area'?

Since our HQ and Human Performance and Innovation Lab is in Waltham, MA we consider everything within a 50mile radius around our office to be in the ‘Boston area’.

Do all of the Boston area testers have to come to your Lab in Waltham, MA?

We either ask people to come to our Lab or we meet them out there in the ‘real world’ – it depends on the project we are currently working on. Also, during sign-up you can decide if you want to check “willing to come to our Lab in Waltham, MA”. Please be aware that you have to provide your own travel arrangement.

How much of a runner do you have to be to be considered as a tester?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro. But you have to run at least a little bit on a regular basis. We appreciate and value feedback from different types of runners on different levels – beginners, recreational runners, marathoners - everyone is more than welcome to apply.

- For testing in our Lab, we are looking for people who feel comfortable running on a treadmill.
- For our wear test program we are looking for high mileage runners to test our products extensively.
A weekly average of 40-50 miles is required to participate.

What are the responsibilities of a wear tester?

After you are chosen and accepted to take part in the wear test program, we will send you gear in which you have to run for a certain amount of time (usually around 6-8 weeks). During that time we ask you to provide feedback on certain dates as well as to return the gear within a specific time frame. Providing feedback won’t take much of your time, and we ask that you commit to submitting your surveys on time so that we can consider your input as we make development decisions.

Who is paying for the shipment?

Shipping and returning will be at no cost to you.

Am I allowed to take pictures and share them with my friends?

We know it is exciting to test stuff no one has ever seen before but by accepting our terms and conditions you agree not to share pictures or any other confidential information.

Do I get to keep the shoes I have tested?

Unfortunately, no- we need the prototype shoes back for further testing. We also do not compensate testers monetarily. Taking part in our testing is a unique experience, and by providing your feedback you get the chance to influence future product. Depending upon frequency of test you may earn Saucony footwear or apparel.

I applied for testing but haven’t heard back yet.

After you submit your application, you are entered in our database from which we choose our testers. We are always looking for specific types of runners depending on the project we are working on- specific sizes, cushioning demands, terrain etc.- and unfortunately not everyone who applied will fit our testing criteria. We do test year-round, so even if you don’t hear from us right away, you may hear from us in the future, however we cannot predict or promise any future testing. If you are chosen to participate in a test, you will receive an email from us with more information.

Apply to Be a Saucony Tester