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Our field guide to the best routes and workouts
for experiencing Boston’s history and Finding Your Strong.
Welcome to our hometown.

Boston’s Green Line is part of America’s oldest subway system, known as The T.
Founded the same year as the Marathon (also America’s oldest), the Green Line
is famous for its leisurely pace and frequent stops. Challenge The T to a foot race
from Cleveland Circle to Kenmore for a great speed workout on the Marathon course.
Green Line Pack
Celebrating America’s oldest annual marathon, and its oldest subway
system, the Green Line Pack takes design inspiration from the classic
symbols of Boston’s (in)famous public transit system: “The T”.
Green Line
Boston Kinvara 7

Boston Kinvara 7

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Boston Kinvara 7

Boston Triumph ISO2

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Long Run: Paul Revere's Route
One of Boston’s famous revolutionary routes also happens to be an epic long run through
some of the state's most historic towns and parks. We recommend running it in reverse, so you
can park in Concord, hydrate in the city and take the train (Cab or Uber) back to your car.
Location Pin
Captain William Smith House
Battle Road Trail, Lincoln, MA
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Location Pin
Battle Road Trail
Concord, MA
Location Pin
Hartwell Tavern
Lincoln, MA
Location Pin
Minuteman Bikeway
Arlington, MA
Location Pin
Davis Square
Somerville, MA
Location Pin
Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill
Memorial Bridge
Location Pin
The Paul Revere House
Boston, MA
Location Pin
The Freedom Trail
Boston, MA
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Race Day Layering
New England’s weather shifts combined with body temperature changes can
make race day feel like multiple different climates. Be ready for all of them.
Wicked Good Workouts
Track, stairs and hills, they make you stronger. Here are three of the best in the area.
Wellesley College
Near the half way point of the marathon, perfect for mixing course work and speed work.
Wellesley College Track
Harvard Stadium Stairs
Historic, beautiful and open to the public when there are no events. It's the smart choice.
Harvard Stadium Stairs
Heartbreak Hill
This mecca of a running route attracts thousands during the weeks of the last long runs. Helps you prepare for Heartbreak Hill, which has more bark than bite if you're ready for it.
Heartbreak Hill
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