Shoes With Soul. benefiting Boston Children's Hospital

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Designed by Kids, built by Saucony.

Saucony is launching Shoes with Soul,
a collection inspired by Boston Children’s patients that feature six limited-edition designs illustrating their personalities and dreams. Proceeds will benefit the Boston Children’s Cardiac Fitness Program, an exercise program for kids with congenital heart conditions that trains their bodies and minds to help them find their possible.

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A proud kid stands with family showing off the shoe they designed. Play

The Run For Good Children’s Program is committed to supporting organizations that help improve the health and wellness of children to get them back up and running.

Grinning Max holds up his red, yellow, blue and white Kinvara 11.

Max, 13 Kinvara 11

Max has been mighty since he came into the world. Before he was born, he was diagnosed with severe heart defects, so his family brought him straight to Boston Children’s. Young Max persevered through a series of lifesaving procedures—including surgery on his tiny, walnut-sized heart when he was just a few months old. Today he’s a thriving teen with a powerful singing voice… Inspired by his love of stage and screen, and ice cream, his Kinvara 11 design is sure to spread as much joy as he does.

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Eddie holds out his orange, black and grey Kinvara 11.

Eddie, 14 Kinvara 11

At nine years old, Eddie developed a small limp that progressively got worse. Local doctors told him it was a common cyst behind his knee. Soon, he couldn’t move his leg. His parents brought him to Boston Children’s Hospital for answers. Doctors discovered Eddie had cancer. Now, fully in remission, Eddie runs circles around his friends while dirt biking and playing basketball—passions that inspired his Kinvara 11’s.

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Proud Jordynn holds out her Kinvara 11 in blues, whites and greys with stars and patterns.

Jordynn, 10 Kinvara 11

Jordynn marches to the beat of her own drum, despite facing a rare condition that threatened her ability to walk. At 15 days old, Jordynn came to Boston Children’s and started down a path to recovery. Her genetic disorder has many secondary conditions, requiring care from over 10 specialists. Jordynn has had 35 surgeries (and counting), and is frequently seen at Boston Children’s. Celebrating her originality and optimism, Jordynn incorporated unicorns, rainbows and patterns into her design inspiration.

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Luc stands casually in a pair of blue, black, green and red Jazz 4000s.

Luc, 14 Jazz 4000

Luc is a unique kid. Although he was born with a rare blood disease that requires infusions every two weeks at Boston Children’s—that’s not what defines him. He’s a sports fan and loves being active. As a patient partner for the hospital’s Miles for Miracles marathon team, he’s been the top fundraiser for the last two years, raising over $33,000 to help other patients. Luc blended his interest in the outdoors, patchwork and edgy colors to create a one-of-a-kind Jazz 4000.

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Happy Luna holds out her white, purple, grey and black Jazz 4000.

Luna, 12 Jazz 4000

Luna has a habit of shattering expectations. Before she was born, Luna was diagnosed with a complex series of heart defects. Just after birth, Luna was transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital for the first of three lifesaving open-heart surgeries. Now Luna is a gifted student with award-winning creativity and leadership skills. Her bright future and optimism are reflected in the striking color palette of the Jazz 4000.

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Happy Kieran tosses his Jazz 4000 in the area wearing a catchers mitt.

Kieran, 12 Jazz 4000

Kieran’s feet have been a part of his story from the beginning. Early on, he was diagnosed with severe bilateral clubfeet. His parents brought him to Boston Children’s Hospital hoping he’d be able to walk and run someday. Through each of his treatments, surgeries, and recoveries Kieran has shown incredible resilience. Kieran himself is inspired by baseball and bold colors. These all come together in an eye-catching Jazz 4000.

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See our inspiration at work.

Max having fun designing.
Luna getting inspiration from material samples.
Luc looks on contentedly.
Jordynn looks engaged at a design meeting.
Adobe Illustrator session on a Mac showing a mood board and a shoe being designed.

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