Good Runners

Stories that celebrate the good things that come from those who run.

Katie Crowell stretching her leg on a brick wall.

Katie Crowell

Breast Cancer Warrior, marathoner and mom

Jared Ward running on a bridge with the city skyline in the background.

Jared Ward

Saucony athlete and a top American marathoner

Parker Stinson running in green Saucony shoes and neon yellow t-shirt down a long and winding road.

Parker Stinson

Saucony athlete and 25K American Record Holder

Katie Crowell stretching her leg on a brick wall.

Ashley Stinson

America's fastest teacher

Noah Droddy running wearing a blue Saucony shirt with the sun gazing behind him.

Noah Droddy

Saucony athlete and Musician

Eduardo Garcia's smiling face in a rainbow hat and Saucony EST 1898 sweatshirt showing his index finger as number 1.

Eduardo Garcia

Saucony Ambassador, Celebrity Chef, Founder
of food brand Montana Mex

Daisy Robinton running in blue Saucony shoes up concrete stadium stairs with a football field in the background.

Daisy Robinton, PhD

Molecular Biologist and Fitness Model

Marcy Schwam with hands on her hips atop a mountain with the sun shining behind.

Marcy Schwam

Ultrarunning pioneer and 5-time world-record holder

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Max River Shoe in green/blue on a rock


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Max River Shoe in green/blue on a rock

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